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Soundproofed Anti-Slam Doors

Slamming hotel doors, cold draughts, noise coming from corridors and light showing around doors are very common issues indeed, even in some of the best hotels.

It was through our long standing joinery work over the years that we discovered these issues result in a lot of complaints to hotels, office blocks and  apartments. Up to now, the only solution to this issue is to replace doors, and/or architraves at a significant cost to property owners. MPS Door Solutions have engineered a new and unique solution that significantly reduces noise from doors slamming in public areas, reduces drafts, resolves the light coming into the rooms and as a result greatly lessens any issues with noisy doors.

Corridor noise, slamming and badly fitting doors continue to be listed as issues hotel guests rate with regard to comfort, safety and security. Thanks to our revolutionary anti-slam sound proofing system, MPS Door Solutions can now alleviate all of your door problems quickly, efficiently and at a cost that is much more accessible than replacing existing doors.

A major benefit of upgrading your existing doors is achieving a better acoustic rating.


  • Minimal disruption to day to day business
  • Cost effective solution
  • No more slamming doors
  • No more light showing around door edges
  • No more draughts around doors
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Immediate noise reduction
  • Achieve a better acoustic rating
  • No need to close off sections or wings of buildings to implement our solution


  • Hotel Bedroom Doors
  • Apartment Doors
  • Nursing Homes
  • Domestic Houses
  • Anywhere there are noise issues with internal doors

Contact us to learn how quickly and easily we can provide this solution for your problem doors.